Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First Story!!

Bottom Hole Punishment.

The little girl in this story is very much an adult. Its just a story about a big-little girl who has a wonderful man who looks after her, protects her and indulges her "lil girl" side :)

"It's going to mean a very big punishment."

Josh looked down at his little girl as she cried openly as she sat on the edge of the bed. He didnt like seeing her so upset but she had to learn and making her feel guilty was the only way she was going to remember. Josh reminded himself that this was worth it, to keep her safe.


Her tear-streaked face looked up from where it had been hidden, buried in her legs that were pulled up to her chest, "Yes sir?"
Josh frowned. The word "Sir" only came out when his baby girl was truly scared and hurting.
"Come here love."
Josh sat down on the love seat that sat across from the bed and she almost leapt into the comfort of his lap. She screwed herself up so all her arms, legs and body was pressed as closely as she could get to his chest. Josh started rocking her back and forth. No punishment could start until she had calmed down.

"Honey? Are you okay?"

"Yes Josh." Her head popped up out from under his chin and she tried to look but she could not get eye contact. She felt too guilty.

"Okay." Josh moved his little girl around so she was facing him on his lap, "Now, we can't start doing anything until you tell me why you are so scared and upset."

"Cos its gonna hurt?"

Abbey looked down at her fingers wrapped around her Josh's shirt buttons. It was a sure sign that she was lying.


He reached around and lay a hard smack on his little girl's covered bottom, "Dont lie to me." He looked her more closely in the eyes, "Tell me the real reason."

She fiddled with everything she could lay her hands on- Josh's buttons, Josh's shirt tails, her hair, her dress hem, until his hands covered her own.

Josh waited patiently, he could wait all day for his girl. Sometimes she just had to think of the right words to say.

"Um, I'm upset cos I feel bad."

"And why do you feel bad?"

"Cos I made you so mad . . . and, and I scared you!"

Josh gave her a half-smile, "You did scare me baby. That car nearly hit you. How many times have you been punished for running after your ball across the street?"

Abbey looke up sheepishly, "Lots."

Josh finally sighed a little in relief. He was starting to get somewhere. "And how have I punished you before for running across the street?"

"Um . . ." Abbey thought about it, "I had to stand in the corner once . . . and I gotted spanked a lot . . . and once I had to write those lines."

Josh nodded, "But I dont think those things worked that well, because you keep doing it."

Abbey nodded gravely.

Josh pretended to ponder, "So, this is what we are going to do babygirl. You have to remember that you aren't allowed to cross the road without me holding your hand, and you need a little girl punishment to do just that. Every day for two weeks you are going to get a smacked bottom before lunch, then we are going to pull your panties back up but pin your dress up and we are going to walk across and down that busy road while I hold on to your hand very tightly. Everyone will be able to see your red bottom underneath your white panties."

"Oh Josh! No, please, no! That's so embarrassing!"

*SLAP, SLAP* A quick two slaps to Abbey's front thigh put a quick end to her whinging.

"And that's not all honey. You are going to get a big punishment tonight. To remind you that you need to stay safe for me. I couldnt stand it if my little girl was hurt or even worse."

Abbey looked down again in shame and guilt.

"You are going to get a big girl punishment as well because it is such a big deal. You are going to get up on the bed right now, on your knees and reach back and spread your bottom cheeks. I'm going to strap your bottom hole and bottom with the thin belt. Then you are getting some Vicks up into your bottom hole and a big punishment plug to hold it in. And you are going to sit in the corner for quite a while and think about that BIG BIG pole in your bottom. And then, no dinner tonight and you can go straight to bed"

Abbey whimpered but submissively nodded. She needed this. Sometimes her lil girl mind just took over and she didnt remember important safety stuff. Besides, she had to obey. Be a good girl for her Josh.

Abbey moved to the bed, burying her face in the soft doona, waiting for her horrible punishment. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Josh coming back towards her, his hands full with the strap, vicks container and the BIG BIG plug.

It was going to be a loooong afternoon . . .

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