Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anal Punishments

One of my previous posts, I said there was more punishment, but I didnt go into it. I just thought it deserved a post of its own. Oh, yes, anal punishments.

Sigh. I have a love/hate relationship with anal punishments. With a previous partner, I built up to being able to fit quite large items into my bottom, then there was a while until my current partner and I got together and we've started on anal play and punishment. Its quite frustrating to know I used to be able to fit things in without too much hassle, and now I cant. I guess it took me a while to build up the first time and I will get there again. I just know that it makes S so happy when he can play with my bottom and I want to please him so much. When we are together 24/7, we'll be able to spend a lot more time practising with things in my bottom *shudder*

So anyway, after that cold shower, S insisted I put one of my bigger plugs into my bottom as further punishment, and unlucky for me . . . it went in kinda easy for once. It IS easier when I am on my own cos there's less embarrassment and I'm doing it myself instead of someone doing it for me- I know when to relax, when to push out etc. Anyway, S was quite surprised at how easy it when in, SO he asked me to go get something bigger. God yes, the dreaded towball. At the very start of our relationship, S showed me this towball and said menacingly, one day this is going in your bottom. And the other day it did. It took a LOT of lube and it was quite painful and Im not sure it went all the way in. Oh god it hurt. I cried like anything. It taught me a lesson, thats for sure. Dont EVER argue with S.But once it was in and then out and it was all over, I know it made me a better sub. HAving it in my bottom made me feel very submissive. I would have done pretty much anything he asked after that. So, admittingly, it worked. But I hope I dont have to use it for a long time.

I do like reading about anal punishments. It adds an extra squirmy element after a normal spanking. I like it best when the guy/Dom makes the girl wear a plug as punishment or makes her sit on a "punishment stool" and she has to ease herself onto a dildo. I really like it when the guy puts his finger in her bottom and asks her how she needs to be punished

eg. "How do I punish naughty little girls?"

"You spank me."

"What else do I do?"

"You put a finger in my bottom."

"Thats right. Naughty girls get fingers in their bottoms."

I really like when they say they have to use less lube because they're been punished but in real life, I really think you shouldnt do that. Too little lube can cause a lot more damage than just pain. I also really like it when the guy bends his girl over and makes her count how many "insertions" she should get with a dildo in her bottom. Making her count how many times he's going to fuck her with a dildo in the bottom. Mmmm, yummy. But scary if its happening to you lol . . .

And of course, a punishment fuck in the bottom is quite enjoyable :) When a man says, "I'm going to have to punish your bottom now." Ohhhhh . . .

Other anal punishments? Getting spanked or strapped on the bottom hole is a real punishment for me. Very good-squirmy when you read about it, hate it when its actually happening to me. It hurts like anything. Wooden spoons on the bottom hole sting too.

Ginger in the bottom? Hmmm . . . it doesnt burn like I read about but yeah, it can cause a bit of a warmness. What I like less and is a real punishment to me is either ice in the bottom hole or Icy-Hot (Dencorub) in or around the bottom hole. OUCH!!

Anyway, thats my thoughts for tonight. S has set me a new task that I have to read a different kind of story each night and let him know what it is. I also have to let him know if I'm going to cum while reading the story. Its to broaden my scope of stories I read, as I tend to stick to punishment-heavy naughty little girl stories.

So off to find a good story. I like this task :)

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