Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Story: Obedience

Beth hung her head as her bare feet ground into the carpet, wishing it would swallow her up. She hated when he lectured, in his quiet, calm voice. It made her feel so silly, so childish.

"Bethie, what did we agree on?"

"I can be cheeky once but then I have to do what you say."

His fingers crept under her chin to lift her face too look into his eyes, "Darling, is that too hard? Is there something you don't understand?"

"Beth shook her head, "No sir."

His hand rested on her cheek, caressing her in a soothing motion, and Beth leaned into it, loving the gentle touch, "Honey, I love when you are funny-cheeky and play the little girl, but there has to be a line in the sand. This way you know I'm being serious and I know that you will listen and do what I say."

"Stay here."

Beth watched from under her eyelashes as Josh walked away, not wanting to know where he was going. Her hands clasped in front of her and she shivered as a cool breeze drafted past her naked bottom. The weight of her panties and jeans resting around her ankles was starting to annoy her and she wished she could kick them them off, but that was a big no-no  with Josh- he liked the humiliation little-girl factor of having her panties kept around her ankles.Also, it kept her from running away in a hurry.

Beth reached up to her t-shirt and tried to pull it further down then where it settled, but it was no use and again she wished she had put on a bigger t-shirt  instead of a tight, little white one which would show off her breasts and tempt Josh into many an appreciative glance. She sighed and bit her lip, wondering what Josh had in store. She again had crossed the line and knew he was seriously getting sick of it.

She heard his footsteps and she straightened up, knowing now it might be game time. She dared a peek at his face and he had his serious face on, which meant it didn't bode well for her. Her fingers fidgeted as she waited her fate.

"Baby girl, sit down." Beth ungracefully jumped back and stumbled onto the couch, her bare bottom rubbing against the rough material of the cushions.

"Look at me." Beth gradually raised her face to look into his as Josh sat down beside her and took heer hands in his.

"Beth, I want you to know how serious I am about this. I want you to obey me and listen to me and take me seriously."

"But honey I do-"

Josh cut her off swiftly with a sharp slap on her bare thigh, "Stop. Its time to listen. No talking unless I ask you a direct question, do you understand?"

"Yes Josh." Tears already threatened to form in her eyes.

"Now, my love, we have the rest of today and all of tomorrow with nothing planned. I know you wanted to go shopping and maybe go out to dinner and we will see. If you follow the rules, we still might be able to do that."

"You have now lost the privilege to have a bit of fun with me, and be a bit cheeky. I have been quite lenient on you so far and always allowed that one cheeky comment before you obeyed what I said, that one little-girl "no" before you did as I asked or completed a punishment. But you have pushed too far and now you will have to work to get back that trust. For the next two days, unless I give you permission, you will spend your time without any clothes, naked, showing me your shame at not obeying me.I will give you task after task after task, your time will never be your own. You will complete each task to the best of your ability and without complaint or comment. ANY back-chat, cheekiness or disobedience will result in a swift, harsh punishment with this."

From behind his back, Josh revealed the most dreaded of all their punishment tools, the strap. A wicked, thick, double piece of leather with a pronged tail. Beth frowned and her lip trembled, the strap scared the life out of her. This didnt sound like the punishments Beth loved and craved, being held gently over Josh's lap, being spanked with his hand, lovingly and firmly. Swift and hard, didnt usually come in it.

"If I hear ANYTHING or even THINK I heard some disagreement or if you are too slow to jump to a task, I will ask you to bend over immediately and you WILL get a hard spanking. Or you might get it on your hands, or on your breasts. Be careful or you might even feel this on your pussy or bottom hole."

Beth burst into tears at this, tough love stance. She had been craving and craving Josh to be much tougher than what he had been, and it looked that he finally would be. But now she was scared, could she go through with this, even though it was what she wanted?

Josh's heart tore in two when his Bethie started to cry. He hated being this rough, and actually enjoyed and revelled in her cheeky side, but he knew he had to be tough. She had been asking for this, crying out for this and he knew this was what he had to do to make this relationship work.

Josh's voice softened, "Baby, if you can be my good girl and do this all today and all tomorrow, then tomorrow night, we'll give you a bath, put you in your soft jammies and I can rock you and cuddle you as much as you want. But only if you can be my good girl and start listening and obeying me. This was what you wanted, remember?"

Beth nodded, she could do this. She straightened up and sat in the most submissive position she could muster. Josh knew now was the time to begin. He stood up and towered over her, "Okay, Beth, take off all your clothes, go and put them in the hamper and then come back here, right away."

Beth scampered to obey, stealing a quick look at the big strap, being held menacingly in his hand. She quickly ran back to stand in front of him, her hands covering her shaved pussy, already feeling the shame of her nakedness.

"Hands on your head." Beth quickly obeyed that order too.

Josh looked at her and steeled himself, "Beth, I will have to give you your first spanking for your cheekiness before. I hope this is the only strapping you will get all weekend. Turn around and bend over."

Beth gulped but did what he said, now eager to show how obedient she could be.Josh raised the strap as far as he could and *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* five hard slaps fell on Beth's naked bottom. She squealed but held her position. Josh hesitated but then gave her five more, letting the last two fall on the back of her thighs. Beth cried out and went to rub, but clasped her hands back, just in time, as she was sure, rubbing or touching would give Josh reason to give her more.

"Stand up baby."

Beth slowly stood up and turned around, face once again bowed and humbled. She thought about it and quickly raised her hands to on top of her head again.

"Good girl." Josh praised. "Keep going like this, and we will have a very productive weekend and you will be my good girl again. Now, love, your next two jobs are to do the dishes and put on a load of washing. Off you go."

Josh grinned as Beth scampered away to complete her tasks, loving the no back-chat or sarcastic comment. He would push her this weekend, and see how willing to be obedient she would be. She would quickly learn to do ANYTHING he asked without hesitation, and he knew this was exactly how she wanted it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'll Be Away For A Lil Bit

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted for a while. I never thought other people would be reading this, so first I thought, oh well, they can just wait, but then . . I thought I better give you an explanation. And it is: I'm pregnant and feeling pretty icky so until I feel a lil better S. has put much of the spankings and punishments on hold. Anyway, he doesn't have to punish me, I'm being a very very good girl since finding out :) It actually happened on that weekend just gone so we are very happy :)

Hope to see you again soon!

Friday, July 1, 2011

And for something new . . .

Surprise, surprise, I'm in trouble again. Last weekend I was a lil grumpy with S. He had been at a party the previous night and I had to work and so wanted some lovey-dovey texts but I didnt get anything all day cos he was sleeping. So, being grumpy at him, I accidently-on-purpose forgot to send him his 3 photos for the day. I'm supposed to send him, over my mobile phone, one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one at dinner. Anyway, when I talked to him that night, I confessed that it wasnt being forgetful, I did it on purpose :( This made him quite angry, and rightfully so. Its one thing to forget your phone or forget to take photos, but to do it deliberately . . .

So he debated for a lil while as he made me stand there in the middle of my room with my panties pulled down. He then made me go give myself an enema -YUCKKKKK- and he made me hold it sooooooo long. Afterwards he said that since I cant even handle doing a simple task each day, that he would take one of my privledges off me, so until I see him on my holidays next week, I have to ask permission by phone or text, whether I can go to the bathroom. It's horrible!! I also have to wear my metal butt plug every day till the holidays too!!My bottom hole is real sore from having to wear the thing every day and sometimes I'm really hanging on til I get the nod that I'm allowed to go to the bathroom.

Lesson learned: dont get grumpy at S.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Serious Punishment

As I promised, I have to let you know what happened this weekend. Luckily there was a conference on and I was able to come and visit S. as well. S got us a nice hotel room near the conference centre and we proceeded to have a long cuddle session after a marathon SEVEN weeks apart!!

S. announced the first night that I needed a punishment. For all the cheekiness I had gotten away with in the past 7 weeks but also cos he just knew I needed one. Which I did. He knows how I get, antsy, anxious and upset when I dont get punished regularly- like a stress relief- punishment makes me feel like a good girl, a good submissive, safe and loved :)

S. made me stand in the corner and then get on my hands and knees on the bed and tied up my hands and feet cos he knows I cant keep them still. He put the balls in my pussy and some anal beads in my bottom. I got a nice spanking with the wooden spoon (evil, EVIL thing). It was great and it released a little tension but I knew deep inside I would need something more.

The next night, we went out to dinner for my birthday, so I didnt get a punishment that night. S. did however sense I was needing something, some comforting, so out came the pacifier and he patted and rubbed my bottom and he gave me a shower and washed me, smacking my bottom if I tried to do something like a big girl. That night, I was strictly a babygirl and S. looked after me wonderfully.

Our final night together, last night, was very interesting and was a big step forward, especially for me. S. was watching the football and I was reading on the bed next to him. Looking back, I wanted some attention. Some serious attention. But, in the moment, all I was doing was being a bit cheeky, pushing him, seeing how far he would let me go. And I pushed a tad too far. I had been playing with my pussy (yeah I know, AGAIN) and even though he was right there, saying no I wasnt allowed to cum, I completely ignored him and came right in front of him. Uh-oh . . .

I looked forward to my big, comforting spanking across his lap. But he turned the tv off (turned the footy off during a game?? Double uh-oh) and told me I needed something more this time. I had to put on some punishment panties (plain white) and I was made to stand in front of him and he told me he was putting a big plug in my bottom without any lube (I could use my own juices instead). Of course I balked and asked for some lube. He relented and let me put it in myself with a lil lube but told me I was getting punished extra for arguing. He made me pull my panties to my knees while he just looked at me in disappointment which was awful and then he made me expose my pussy to him while he looked at his disobedient girl. He then smacked my pussy a number of times cos she keeps getting me into trouble. Ouch.

As he was doing this, I could see him debating something and I filled with dread what this new punishment would be. He then made me take off my skirt and walked me to the bathroom with just a singlet and my now-pulled up panties on. As soon as he said get into the shower I backed away, cos god I didnt want another cold shower. And then he announced it, he was going to make me wet my panties and watch me do it, just like in all my stories. It was jut awful, and while it was sooooo embarrassing and such a serious punishment- S. wouldnt even comfort me with any cuddles or touches while I was getting punished- I just felt awful- but even through all that, I was soooooo turned on. After I wet my panties like a little girl I was allowed to wash and get my cuddles and that led to much naughtier things, but after, I think even S. was pleasantly surprised how submissive I was, how good a girl I was being, how obedient I was- trying to make up for my naughtiness. And finally, I felt complete. I felt calm and safe and extremely happy. It takes serious and prolonged punishment, with real intentions and gruffness in the voice, to make me feel completely punished and forgiven. Luckily, S. can do it wonderfully. And while I didnt get my spanking, that punishment was just what I had been really asking for. Attention. Dominance. Love. :D

So,did my reality live up to my fantasies? Probably not. It did turn me on like wild fire after I had gotten over the initial embarrassment but cos I dont think S. enjoyed it as much as I did, and so I think it will be kept for very serious, purposeful misdemeanours. A real punishment, not for play or maintenence. It was extremely embarrassing for me, I was just mortified to do something so personal in front of S. and my instant horniness was really NOT what I was feeling in my heart and head. Seems, miss penny pussy has an equal vote. In my fantasises, although humiliating, the ick factor doesnt come into it as much so its very interesting for me to be forced to do something in reality which I have written about numerous times in stories and in my head. Will see how I feel next time, if S. punishes me in that way again. He already knows how effective it is in making me into his obedient little girl again :) And I promise, no more cumming without his explicit permission. I want to stay being his good girl.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Naughty, Naughty.

Well, I managed to get into trouble again tonight. I'm on cum restrictions, needing to ask permission if I want to cum, since I didn't fulfil a task last week.But what did I go and do? Yes, cum TWICE without asking permission. Needless to say, I'm in big trouble, which I know I richly deserve. S. put me in the corner with my panties down while he thought about the best way to punish me. And its bloody cold here at the moment, so I had to turn the heater towards my naked bottom. Then S. delivered the verdict- no cumming for at least 5 days. I'm not even allowed to ask for permission to cum, I have to wait til S. lets me start asking for permission again. I also had to put in my big bottom plug and wear it most of the evening. I also had to get the crop out and whip my inner thighs and even some on my pussy. Ouch. I then had to write some lines.Just 40, but I wasnt allowed to take the plug out til I was done.

So yeah . . . won't ever forget to ask permission ever again. Oh, I always have to email him an apology after a big punishment, and this time he is also making me post the apology on here, which is really embarrassing for me, but he believes it will do me good. So:

Dear S.
I am very sorry that I didnt ask for permission to cum. I know what I did was wrong and please know the only reason why I did it was that they were very quick, little ones and I forgot. And then I didnt tell you cos I didnt want to disappoint you . . . and I didnt want to be punished. My punishment of corner time, writing lines, wearing a plug and whipping my thighs and pussy was a very good reminder to follow your requests and to ask permission to cum. I also understand that I'm not allowed to cum for at least 5 days unless you say otherwise and I will respect your authority by not asking for permission. I'm sorry that I make you punish me like that, especially since you arent here to do it yourself but I know you know why I need such a strict punishment. Thank you so much for doing it for me, even though I know it's hard for you.

Love, your "Lil Girl" xxx

So, anyway, I'm quite chastened and better go to bed on time like good little girls do. Trying to earn back his trust and pride in me. I love him so much and am so in awe that he takes so much time to help me become a better partner, submissive, person. Thank you again honey xxx

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bathroom Restrictions

I know I keep focusing on this aspect of our punishment list, but I just can't get it out of my mind! I think once S. punishes me in this way and I realise that's its not something to be daydreaming about, then I wont write it into my fantasises quite so much :D But anyway, if you like this kind of thing read on . . .

"Marie, get your bottom in here!"

Marie came scampering out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. She could guess what this was going to be about.

"When did I ask you to clean up in here?"

Marie's eyes immediately lowered to the floor, "Last night." she whispered.

"And this morning, if you didnt get it done last night why didnt you do it this morning?"

"I was busy."

Sam's eyebrows raised in disbelief, "Doing what?! While you were watching tv or when you were playing that computer game?"

"I guess I wasn't so busy." Marie mumbled.

Sam nodded "I guess not. Well, I'm going to stand here and you are going to clean this place up right now. I will time you, okay?"

"Yes Sam."  Marie started cleaning the bathroom, watching Sam out of the corner of her eye timing her on his watch. She knew the longer she took, the more dire the consequences would be, so she flew around the room, clearing the sink and throwing dirty clothes in the hamper.

Out of breath, she stopped at Sam's side, puffing as she stammered out, "I'm done sir."

Sam inspected the shower stall and the cabinets, "Uh-uh princess, you've just shoved your makeup and junk in here. Bend over the bath. NOW!"

Marie jumped to obey, her shirt rising up over her back as she leant to bend over, wishing she had been wearing more than one of Sam's button up shirts and panties.


Five hard slaps rained down on her pantied bottom.

"Stay there." Marie didnt dare get up without permission as she silently groaned as Sam yanked her panties down.

*SMACK* SMACK* SMACK* SMACK* SMACK* Marie winced as five more hard spanks were given to her bare bottom.

Sam sighed, "Now, get up, leave your panties around your ankles and pack away properly!"

Marie nodded and moved to make sure everything was in its proper place. It took an extra ten minutes but finally it was done.

"Sam? I've finished."

Sam checked and nodded his agreement, "Love, I want you to pull your panties up and come with me. We need to talk about this mess."

"Yes honey." Marie demurely pulled her panties up to cover her slightly pink bottom and followed him to the couch in the living room.

They settled down and Sam turned Marie's body to face him.

"Darling, I am sick of being on your back about this. You can keep the rest of the house clean for me, but you always skip the bathroom. Am I giving you too many chores? Is this the reason it's always messy?"

Marie thought it over, this was her out, she could skip a punishment by saying yes. But she knew in her heart that it wasnt true. She wasn't given many jobs to do around the house and saying yes, would not only disappoint Sam, it would be disappointing herself. She shook her head, "No Sam, I had time to do it. I was just being a little lazy I guess."

Sam nodded, "Good girl for telling the truth. But we need to deal with this. I can't put up with this procrastination you have about cleaning the bathroom. I think what we need to do is take away some of your responsibility, since you are showing me that you cannot handle it."

Marie gulped, here it came.

Sam continued, " So, since it took you 35 minutes to clean that bathroom, I'm going to put you on bathroom restriction for every 5 minutes it took you to clean up. That means 7 days of restrictions, okay?"

Marie sighed and nodded, "Yes Sam."

"That means, every time you need to use the bathroom, for going to the toilet or having a shower, or even needing to go to the sink to get some make-up, you will need to ask permission. If you forget to ask permission, then the bathroom will be off-limits for 24 hours and two days will be added to your restriction, okay?"

"Yes sir."

Mmmmmm, I want to finish this fantasy but I really need to get to bed. Will finish it up soon, I hope xxx

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Being Quiet

Last night, S. got it into his head that I need to learn to be quiet when we have sex. I'm kinda known for being quite noisy but cmon, I enjoy sex so much and use it to release stress and so I can't help being loud :) But anyway, he wanted me to practise being quiet so we can play even if his family is staying at our place, or we might be able to play in semi-public places hehe . .

Anyway, since I'm on cum restrictions and have to ring him to ask permission, I rang him last night and as always he revelled in me holding it til I was at almost breaking point (if my girly parts break down S, its all YOUR fault!!!) but then he said I could cum as long as I was absolutely silent for a period of time. Now this was a real struggle for me, I just CANNOT be silent when I'm close to cumming, I love moaning and mmm-ing and all that stuff. Everyone knows whats its like- it feels so good, how am I expected to stay silent? But I did, after a struggle and S. resetting the timer a number of times lol Then I was grumpy with him for a little while for giving me such a hard task, but I soon got over it :)

Now, as it always is, I've woken up this morning getting all horny with the thought of being made to stay silent for long periods, for non sex related situations, while being punished . . . mmmmmm . . . so anyway, here is a quick, quick fantasy about being made to stay silent. :)

Being Silent

Mandi sat demurely on the couch, her legs tucked in and her hands folded in her lap. Her head bowed down and she struggled not to cry. Above her, towering over her, was Sam. She knew he was angry even though he was keeping his emotions in check very well, unlike her. His tone was firm and hard, his scolding was making her feel about 5 years old.

"Are you listening to me?"

Mandi nodded without looking up. She knew that was disrespectful, but she felt so bad disappointing him that she couldnt bring herself to do anything else.

She felt his arm underneath her elbow, "Stand up." His tone had changed a bit, it was a little bit softer. She stood up and risked a peek at his face. There was a storm there but there was also reason and trust, and Mandi resolved to be her good, submissive self. She stood up straight and although an index finger went into her mouth to chew on, her stance was respectful and how she had been taught. Her head bowed again, waiting for her sentence to be revealed.

She felt Sam lean around her and pin her skirt up at the back and the front. He then kneeled in front of her and pulled her panties down to her knees. He smacked her inner thighs lightly, "Spread them, keep your panties there."

"Yessir." She whispered while spreading her legs further apart.

Sam nodded, he had gotten her into the right headspace. Nothing could happen, he couldnt punish her properly without her being in this state. When she was feeling so bad about being naughty, any punishment would make her be sulky and grumpy, causing herself to get into much bigger trouble. But get her in the right frame of mind- resolved to be a good girl, resolved to make things right- then  he could get started on her punishment.

"Now, are you listening?"

While keeping her head bowed, Mandi nodded with a quiet "Yes Sam."

"Good. Now I can begin . . I can't believe you are getting in trouble for this again! Didn't your last punishment and restriction teach you a lesson?"

"It did, Sam, I promise . . . I just forgot."

Sam growled under his breath, "Okay then, tell me what you did wrong."

Mandi's face screwed up and she started with a "Do I hafta?" whine but one look at Sam's face and she stopped quickly, "I was talking when I was supposed to be listening to your boss's speech."

Sam nodded, "It was very embarrassing for me to see people on our table looking at you, thinking how rude you were being. Even when I tapped you on the knee under the table you didnt stop."

"But honey, Sarah kept whispering funny things to me about the people up on stage! I had to reply."

Sam reached around and tapped her hard on her pantied bottom, "No you didn't. You could have ignored her like everyone else was doing. If I was Sarah's husband, she'd be getting a red bottom tonight for being rude as well. But that's none of our business. I think, however, we will be restricting your friendship with Sarah for a while. She seems to get you into trouble sometimes."

Mandi knew there was no fighting anything Sam said to her, "Yes Sam."

"Now, what was the last time you got in trouble for this?"

Mandi gulped as she remembered that horrible week, "I was talking when Julie and Peter were showing that slideshow of their trip to Europe."

Sam nodded solemnly, "Thats right. And what punishment did you get, so you wouldnt do it again?"

Mandi shuddered, boy, she didnt want to go through that again, "You washed my mouth out with soap every night for a week, and I had a hard spanking every night for a week, with your hand, the wooden spoon and the cane."

"And what else?"

"And . . ." Mandi didnt want to say it, it was one of the worst things he had ever made her do, it had been so humiliating, she looked up at Sam, pleading with him not to make her say it.

*SMACK* *SMACK* Two hard hand slaps rained down on her left bottom cheek.


"For the rest of that weekend, I had to raise my hand to ask permission to speak."

Sam smiled, quite evilly in her opinion, "And what stuck in your mind the most? The spankings or being made to ask permision?"

"The asking permission. When people were over, I didnt want to have to raise my hand to ask permission, so I had to stay silent."

"Hmmm." Sam pretended to mull this over, "well, since you didn't learn your lesson, we are going to have to make the punishment twice as hard, don't you agree?"

"Yes Sam." Mandi had learnt to say yes to that question very quickly, since the one time she'd given a more flippant answer, her bottom had been red for days.

"Well, here is what I think. I like you having to ask permission to speak, so that rule now applies for the WHOLE of this week, until next Saturday. Of course, once you are at work, you don't, but you must not speak unless spoken to, okay?"

Mandi looked him in the eyes, nodding sadly.Tears formed on her eyelashes.

"Well, my love, if you can't control yourself by being quiet when you need to, then that control needs to be taken away from you."

"You will also be getting nightly spankings again for the week and some time-out in the punishment bedroom. That soap made you a little sick last time, so we cant do it for the whole week again, but I think writing some lines with a peg on your tongue while you're in time-out would be a better idea."

"We will see if that helps you learn your lesson. Go and get into your punishment clothes and panties, and I think we can have your first spanking and time-out now before we go to bed."

Hehehe, well that went a bit longer than I thought. And, wow, I really can't write a story without a spanking in it. I meant to, but it just popped itself in. Hmm, I'm not entirely happy with the punishment, I think she deserved a little more but I really need to get some work done so this will have to do for now :D