Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Story: Obedience

Beth hung her head as her bare feet ground into the carpet, wishing it would swallow her up. She hated when he lectured, in his quiet, calm voice. It made her feel so silly, so childish.

"Bethie, what did we agree on?"

"I can be cheeky once but then I have to do what you say."

His fingers crept under her chin to lift her face too look into his eyes, "Darling, is that too hard? Is there something you don't understand?"

"Beth shook her head, "No sir."

His hand rested on her cheek, caressing her in a soothing motion, and Beth leaned into it, loving the gentle touch, "Honey, I love when you are funny-cheeky and play the little girl, but there has to be a line in the sand. This way you know I'm being serious and I know that you will listen and do what I say."

"Stay here."

Beth watched from under her eyelashes as Josh walked away, not wanting to know where he was going. Her hands clasped in front of her and she shivered as a cool breeze drafted past her naked bottom. The weight of her panties and jeans resting around her ankles was starting to annoy her and she wished she could kick them them off, but that was a big no-no  with Josh- he liked the humiliation little-girl factor of having her panties kept around her ankles.Also, it kept her from running away in a hurry.

Beth reached up to her t-shirt and tried to pull it further down then where it settled, but it was no use and again she wished she had put on a bigger t-shirt  instead of a tight, little white one which would show off her breasts and tempt Josh into many an appreciative glance. She sighed and bit her lip, wondering what Josh had in store. She again had crossed the line and knew he was seriously getting sick of it.

She heard his footsteps and she straightened up, knowing now it might be game time. She dared a peek at his face and he had his serious face on, which meant it didn't bode well for her. Her fingers fidgeted as she waited her fate.

"Baby girl, sit down." Beth ungracefully jumped back and stumbled onto the couch, her bare bottom rubbing against the rough material of the cushions.

"Look at me." Beth gradually raised her face to look into his as Josh sat down beside her and took heer hands in his.

"Beth, I want you to know how serious I am about this. I want you to obey me and listen to me and take me seriously."

"But honey I do-"

Josh cut her off swiftly with a sharp slap on her bare thigh, "Stop. Its time to listen. No talking unless I ask you a direct question, do you understand?"

"Yes Josh." Tears already threatened to form in her eyes.

"Now, my love, we have the rest of today and all of tomorrow with nothing planned. I know you wanted to go shopping and maybe go out to dinner and we will see. If you follow the rules, we still might be able to do that."

"You have now lost the privilege to have a bit of fun with me, and be a bit cheeky. I have been quite lenient on you so far and always allowed that one cheeky comment before you obeyed what I said, that one little-girl "no" before you did as I asked or completed a punishment. But you have pushed too far and now you will have to work to get back that trust. For the next two days, unless I give you permission, you will spend your time without any clothes, naked, showing me your shame at not obeying me.I will give you task after task after task, your time will never be your own. You will complete each task to the best of your ability and without complaint or comment. ANY back-chat, cheekiness or disobedience will result in a swift, harsh punishment with this."

From behind his back, Josh revealed the most dreaded of all their punishment tools, the strap. A wicked, thick, double piece of leather with a pronged tail. Beth frowned and her lip trembled, the strap scared the life out of her. This didnt sound like the punishments Beth loved and craved, being held gently over Josh's lap, being spanked with his hand, lovingly and firmly. Swift and hard, didnt usually come in it.

"If I hear ANYTHING or even THINK I heard some disagreement or if you are too slow to jump to a task, I will ask you to bend over immediately and you WILL get a hard spanking. Or you might get it on your hands, or on your breasts. Be careful or you might even feel this on your pussy or bottom hole."

Beth burst into tears at this, tough love stance. She had been craving and craving Josh to be much tougher than what he had been, and it looked that he finally would be. But now she was scared, could she go through with this, even though it was what she wanted?

Josh's heart tore in two when his Bethie started to cry. He hated being this rough, and actually enjoyed and revelled in her cheeky side, but he knew he had to be tough. She had been asking for this, crying out for this and he knew this was what he had to do to make this relationship work.

Josh's voice softened, "Baby, if you can be my good girl and do this all today and all tomorrow, then tomorrow night, we'll give you a bath, put you in your soft jammies and I can rock you and cuddle you as much as you want. But only if you can be my good girl and start listening and obeying me. This was what you wanted, remember?"

Beth nodded, she could do this. She straightened up and sat in the most submissive position she could muster. Josh knew now was the time to begin. He stood up and towered over her, "Okay, Beth, take off all your clothes, go and put them in the hamper and then come back here, right away."

Beth scampered to obey, stealing a quick look at the big strap, being held menacingly in his hand. She quickly ran back to stand in front of him, her hands covering her shaved pussy, already feeling the shame of her nakedness.

"Hands on your head." Beth quickly obeyed that order too.

Josh looked at her and steeled himself, "Beth, I will have to give you your first spanking for your cheekiness before. I hope this is the only strapping you will get all weekend. Turn around and bend over."

Beth gulped but did what he said, now eager to show how obedient she could be.Josh raised the strap as far as he could and *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* five hard slaps fell on Beth's naked bottom. She squealed but held her position. Josh hesitated but then gave her five more, letting the last two fall on the back of her thighs. Beth cried out and went to rub, but clasped her hands back, just in time, as she was sure, rubbing or touching would give Josh reason to give her more.

"Stand up baby."

Beth slowly stood up and turned around, face once again bowed and humbled. She thought about it and quickly raised her hands to on top of her head again.

"Good girl." Josh praised. "Keep going like this, and we will have a very productive weekend and you will be my good girl again. Now, love, your next two jobs are to do the dishes and put on a load of washing. Off you go."

Josh grinned as Beth scampered away to complete her tasks, loving the no back-chat or sarcastic comment. He would push her this weekend, and see how willing to be obedient she would be. She would quickly learn to do ANYTHING he asked without hesitation, and he knew this was exactly how she wanted it.

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  1. Are you going to ever write more stories? I love reading them, so well written! :)