Monday, April 4, 2011

An Adult Punishment

“Yes love?”
Abbey came and sat on his lap, ducking her head under his chin, to rest on his chest. Jerry’s arms wrapped around her and started playing with her long brown hair, that shimmered down her back like a huge wave.
“I feel bad.”
Jerry looked down at the top of her head and kissed it, murmuring into her hair, “Why do you feel bad? Do you feel sick?”
“Not that kind of bad.” Abbey sat up a little to look into Jerry’s eyes, “I did something wrong.”
Jerry searched into her big green eyes, “Maybe you should tell me.”
Abbey nodded and looked down, starting to play with Jerry’s shirt buttons, delaying the moment as much as possible.
Jerry reached down under her chin, making her lift her head to look into his eyes. His other hand covered her fidgeting fingers, making her concentrate on the moment, “Baby, do you need to go stand in the corner? Think about it a bit?”
Abbey shook her head, trying to look down again, “I don’t need a little girl punishment, I might need a big girl punishment.”
Jerry looked at her puzzled. Abbey had a “little girl” side which he loved to indulge. When she was naughty, usually it was because she was being childish and so he would punish her like a child, with spankings, corner time, mouth-washings and diapers. He couldn’t remember a time he had to punish her as a big girl. Of course, they would play big girl games, with dildos, whips, handcuffs and harsh fuckings, but punish her as a big girl? This would be a new one.
Jerry looked into her face, concerned, searching for her meaning, “Sweetheart, you are going to have to explain that one to me. What did you do wrong? I will decide what punishment you need.”
Abbey bit down on her lip and her eyes swelled with unspilt tears, “ I lied to you.”
Jerry frowned. Lying was one of the things that made him the most upset, “What did you lie about?”
Abbey used the opportunity to look down into her lap again, “I had a cum yesterday without asking permission. Actually I had three. ”
Jerry looked at her, confused. She had always asked permission to play with herself. Yes, she was a little greedy sometimes and always very needy, but he had always let her when she asked.  He couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t ask him first, why she lied to him last night when he wondered why her dildo had been left out.
“Go to our room. Sit on the bed. Don’t get off. Close the door.”
Abbey’s tears spilled over and she sobbed as she leapt to obey, running to their room and softly closing the door behind her, though her crying could not be muffled.
Jerry pondered what he should do. Usually it was so easy. He would send her to the corner of the lounge room or her little girl punishment room. He would pull her panties down and spank her little bottom red. If she had been really bad, she would get her mouth washed out, or maybe be forced into diapers and a nap on her lil girl bed. But there was nothing little girl about this.
Jerry sighed and walked towards their bedroom. There was only one thing to do. A big girl punishment, something she didn’t like. And he couldn’t leave her any longer, the abandonment would destroy her.
As he opened the door, he nearly forgot all thoughts of punishment and just wanted to sweep her into his arms. She was a mess. She was curled into a little ball, shaking and rocking, crying and sobbing, leaving her white t-shirt soaked. Jerry climbed up onto the bed and leaned back against the headrest. She watched him through her tears, wanting so much to curl up into his arms.
“Abbey, stop crying.”
His harshness surprised her and scared her. She hated when he was angry, hated when he raised his voice. When she was usually getting punished, he would use a calm, firm but gentle tone so as not to scare her. She was scared now.
“Abigail, you did a bad thing. An adult bad thing, so I wont be indulging you. You were a bad big girl, so you will be punished as a big girl. Stop crying.”
Abbey cut off her last sob and sat up straighter, facing him. As much as she disliked her little girl punishments, they comforted her too, and she needed them. This punishment was needed too, but there was no way it was going to comfort her til it was over.
“Abbey, I need to know why you didn’t ask me. You always ask me, why didn’t you do it yesterday? And then why did you make it worse by lying to me?”
Abby gulped and softly whispered, “I don’t know.”
Jerry leaned forward, “That wont cut it this time, Abbey. You are a big girl, tell me now.”
Abbey nodded. This was part of her punishment, not being allowed to bring out her little girl side. She had to be a grown-up and take what was coming to her. When she was forgiven, she could be little and cuddle in her lover’s arms.
“I’m sorry Jerry. I was having a nice bath and thinking about our last weekend away at the beach.  I got all worked up and didn’t have time to ring you to ask before I started playing. And then I lied because I was so ashamed. I hate disappointing you.”
Jerry sighed, at least it wasn’t anything sinister. She wasn’t thinking of another man, she wasn’t angry or upset at him, she had just been a bit too needy. That he could deal with.
“Get up.”
She stood up next to the bed while he moved to sit at the edge of the bed. He moved her to between his legs. Jerry looked her straight in the eyes, “Isnt that why I tell you to ring before you start thinking about playing? So you don’t get worked up and forget?”
“Yes, Jerry, I understand why you say that now.”
“And then lying about it just made it worse.”
“Yes Jerry.” She could see in his face now, he wasn’t angry anymore. He understood it was just a moment of absent-mindedness, she would pay for it and then he could forgive her. Abbey’s world was righting it self once more.
“So this is what we are going to do.” Jerry looked into her face, to make sure she was listening carefully. This was a different kind of punishment, one to remember as a big girl.
“Abbey, you are going to get a punishment night tonight. You will go have a shower- no bath, no bubbles, no toys- you are a big girl now and you don’t get anything to comfort you. You will clean yourself and make sure you are shaven clean. I will then give you a punishment enema- to get you clean on the inside too. You will wear nothing, no little girl punishment nightie or little girl panties. You will wear nothing and be ashamed. You will then lie on the bed on your stomach, over the pillows I’ll lay out for you.”
“Yes Jerry.” Abbey started shaking again, overwhelmed with the harsh punishment.
“How many times did you cum without asking permission?”
“Well then, I’m going to cover your biggest bottom plug with vicks, to make your bottom sting and pump it in and out of your bottom for three whole minutes. You are going to take it and not reach back, or your palms will feel the bite of the wooden ruler.”
“You will then stand at attention in the middle of the room. Your hands will be on your head, you will stick your boobs out and your bottom out. I will be putting pegs on your nipples and on your pussy and on your tongue. Again, you will stand there and take it. You will listen carefully as I lecture you, as an adult. As much as I love your little girl side, you are going to take this punishment as an adult. If you don’t listen, you might even get a few slaps on your face.”
“After your lecture, you are going to get back on the bed again and you are going to be spanked as an adult. I’m going to use the paddle and the cane and maybe even that black riding crop, big punishments for a big girl. And, it’s not just going on your bottom, I’m going to smack your thighs, your legs, your breasts.”
“After all this Abbey, I’m  going to wash out your bottom. I don’t want to be punished for your wrongdoing. And then I am going to fuck you. And fuck you hard. In your pussy and in your bottom.”
Abbey continued sobbing, knowing any comfort and cuddles were a long way off.
Jerry took a deep breath, it was killing him not to comfort her, just let her be the little girl she wanted to be. But he knew she had to learn. If she wanted some big girl rights, she had to take on some big girl responsibility.
“Darling, you won’t be allowed to cum. If you cum, I WILL be whipping your pussy, do you understand?”
Abbey nodded, terrified at the thought.
“After all this, Abbey-love, you will be forgiven and you can have as many cuddles as you want. You can have a warm bath and I’ll brush your hair, put you in your jammies and you can have teddy and your binky. But we will be having a conversation as we cuddle and I want you to be thinking about your answer for your whole punishment. Okay?”
Abbey nodded again, stunned into silence.
“And what we will be talking about? Well, you will have a decision to make. I don’t want this to happen again, so you will decide. Are you a big enough girl for me to trust you to ask before you have a cum? If you are then, you will have a reminder week this week. Every night your tongue will be pegged for your lying and I will spank your pussy, just with my hand. I will then fuck you in the pussy and in your bottom and you will have no cumming rights for the rest of the week. If you aren’t a big enough girl for me to trust you then that’s fine but you will not allowed to play without me there with you. Ever again. Your reminder week this week will then be a reminder how little you are. Every night when you come home from work, you will be put into diapers and you WILL use them. You will get a hard bare bottom spanking and a long corner time. I will also wash your mouth out with soap. Do you understand?”
Abbey whimpered but stood up straight. She would make Jerry proud of her, show him that she could be a good girl. A good BIG girl, “Yes Jerry, I understand.”
Jerry steadied himself, “Then let’s begin my love.”

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  1. Extreamly stimulating read, loved it. your a artist, and i am extreamly filled with Envy for your relationship/